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Re: [ gpsdrive ] No plugin found for type 'postgis' , Debian Squeeze

> poti wrote:
> > Gpsdrive was working for me in Lenny
> > (x86, eeepc), but maps started having
> > blank spots.

> as in missing tiles?
> maybe a tile mis-rendered but got put into the cache anyway? and from
> then on you got the broken cached version? or entry without tile?

Yes, tiles were rendered as tan. Space, battery, and CPU are very
tight on an eeepc 701, if that could have contributed. The above was
background in case it might be relevant to the new problems I have

> > This week I upgraded to Squeeze and Gpsdrive
> > no longer works with mapnik.
> note you might have to downgrade the gpsd to lenny's version, not sure.

apt-get upgrade did not upgrade gpsd (2.37-7), which would have brought in
many new packages as dependencies.

> > I then re-installed, upgrading to postgresql-8.4
> > but gpsdrive will not start in mapnik mode.
> >
> > The following is where I am getting stuck:
> >
> > Access denied for user 'gast'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
> > Creating main window
> > Cannot init mapnik. Mapnik support DISABLED: Could not
> > create datasource. No plugin found for type 'postgis'
> > (encountered during parsing of layer 'leisure')

> is the postgis package installed?

Yes, postgis 1.5.1-5 is installed.

> > I also get a set of warnings that I could fix by changing
> > certain name references in osm.xml as follows:

> (please provide unidiffs, i.e. 'diff -u')

New diff attached.

> I'm running squeeze as my main OS but am developing for ubuntu 11.04 right
> now,
> ... so stay tuned.

Good news.
Debian GNU/Linux with fvwm as a multiple virtual desktop window manager
for the X Window system makes every pixel and megabyte maximally available
for Free software on a modest computer with a 7" screen.

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