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[ gpsdrive ] Packages for Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian Squeeze available


I've just posted some experimental packages for Ubuntu 12.04 (i386 and
amd64) and Debian Squeeze (amd64) based on the latest SVN snapshot.


these support modern Gpsd, Mapnik2, and current Boost libraries as
appropriate. Also, map tile download from within the program is working
again. I've tested Mapnik+PostGIS on-the-fly rendering on Precise i386 &
it worked ok. One known todo is to re-generate the osm.xml template file
to match the icons now shipped in the official openstreetmap-icons packages.
By installing the ones at www.gpsdrive.de in parallel you should be able
to get all icons & avoid warning messages in the shell.

Please test! I'd suggest starting it from the command line so that you
can see the messages about what's going on.

Without help I'm doubtful of getting the debian package modernization &
sync completed and audited by next week's freeze for Wheezy, but it
remains a near-term goal none the less. It's probably not so bad, there
are just a couple lintian issues left.

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