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Hello All,

On Dec. 24, 2012 I wrote:

> Things I noticed and was unable to correct are:
> A.
> The “position” was shown delayed on the screen. This was rather confusing
> whilst navigating in chaotic city streets as the position indicated was
> lagging the real position by several hundred meters! When stationary after
> some time the cursor reached the real position. When driving again it took
> some time until the cursor started following.
> Investigating this back home I found that the time displayed in the GpsDrive
> 'Satellite information' window lags about 11 seconds with regard to the time
> displayed by xgps (gpsd). Here the versions were: GpsDrive 2.12.svn checked
> out at revision 28463, gpsd v. 3.5-55.1.

I made some additional tests now with the system stationary at home:

First test.
Time in GpsDrive sat window versus time in xgps
Time since start of test (hrs): 0.0  1.0 2.0   3.0   4.0
Time difference (seconds): 5  19 32      240       720

Second test.
Time in GpsDrive sat window versus time in xgps
Time since start of test (hrs): 0.0   1.0  2.0 3.0   4.0
Time difference (seconds):        8       35    62 332 frozen
GpsDrive frozen 3:18 hrs after start.
Remark: It looks like the sat positions in the GpsDrive sat window are
not refreshed. New posions are written over the previous ones.

Third test.
GpsDrive main window only. Time is compared with a different external clock.
Time since start of test (hrs): 0:00:00 0:32:07 0:58:11
Time difference (seconds): 0 7 11

Time since start of test (hrs): 1:28:17 2:00:23 2:30:30
Time difference (seconds): 16 22 30

Time since start of test (hrs): 2:58:38 3:30:24 3:56:58
Time difference (seconds): 158 264 478

GpsDrive frozen 4:15:29 after the start.
5 hrs after the start, GpsDrive being frozen, I was able to open the sat
info window which showed the state at the moment of freezing.
I also was able to start xgps, which showed the correct time.
I could restart GpsDrive out of the frozen state via the menu:
Options > Reinit GPS. GpsDrive started functioning again with the
correct time at that moment.

Please advice.
Thank you in advance and
Best regards,
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